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Onboard Currency

When it comes to cruise holidays, one of the most frequently asked questions is what currency is used onboard. Whilst cruise lines operate on a cashless system (where you charge all your expenses to your room account), each of the cruise lines operate under a specific currency which is the currency your bill will be displayed in as well as prices on drinks menus and in the onboard shops.

  • Cruise Ship Currency & Onboard Spend FAQs

    How do I pay for items whilst onboard? Generally most cruise lines operate a ‘cashless cruise’ environment. This means that instead of paying by card or cash as you go, you’ll be given a kind of Sea P...

  • Cruise Line Currency

    In the guide below you can find out which currency each cruise line operates with. This may help you make decisions about how much foreign currency to bring with you if you’d like to settle your accou...