Things to consider when cruising with waterslides and pools

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of hurtling down the slide at incredible speeds, with the wind flowing through your hair and immense sea views all around. To ensure you have nothing but fun whilst using the slides on your cruise ship, here’s a few safety tips:

Don’t run or dive - The surface area around Lido Deck can get slippery, especially if you have bare feet so it’s best to avoid running – just remember it’s not a race and you’ll get your turn eventually. Diving is also prohibited in most cruise ship pools. This is due the depth and size of the pools and also your sense of balance which can be impaired if the ship is experiencing rough weather.

Remove unnecessary items - The last thing you want to do is lose your most beloved piece of jewellery or misplace your wallet when you leave it on a lounger to take a dip in the pool. Remove the likelihood of this happening by leaving your valuables in the safe in your cabin.

Young children should be accompanied by an adult - Children under ten should have an adult with them while using the pool and waterslide facilities.

Streamline for speed (and safety) - Keep your arms tucked in and your legs together, you’ll be able to travel faster and keep yourself from banging or knocking your limbs whilst in transit down the slide.