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  • Advanced Passenger Information (API)

    Everything you'll need to know about completing your Advanced Passenger Information with relevant suppliers.

  • Visas

    Information about visa requirements for your holiday.

  • Passports

    Everything you need to know about Passport requirements.

  • Tickets

    Information about when you will receive your holiday tickets and how they will be delivered to you.

  • Payment Information

    All information relating to your holiday balance and how you can pay it can be found here.

  • Medical Information

    Important information relating to travel medication, pregnancy, vaccinations and mobility assistance.

  • Travel Insurance

    Everything you'll need to think about taking out Travel Insurance for your upcoming holiday.

  • Onboard Currency

    When it comes to cruise holidays, one of the most frequently asked questions is what currency is used onboard. Whilst cr

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  • Cabin Types

    Information you need to know relating to the different types of cabins that you can book.

  • Cabin Location

    What do you need to consider when choosing the location of your cruise ship cabin?

  • Cabin Size

    How big are cruise ship cabins? Find out everything you need to know about the size of cruise ship cabins here.

  • Cabin Amenities

    All cabins come with the basic amenities that you’d find in most hotel rooms. You’ll also have a cabin steward who will

  • Documentation

    Everything you need to know about the documentation you'll need for your Cruise Nation holiday

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  • Insurance

    Everything you need to know about booking cruise holiday insurance

  • Banned Items

    Find out about all the items you shouldn't take onboard with you

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