Where to go for a sunny cruising break and when

Some cruise lovers venture across the seas for the glorious sun that we tend to be lacking in the UK. But where are the best places and times to go to ensure you get access to beautiful warm weather?


The Caribbean

The Caribbean is one of the most popular cruising destinations because of its wondrous sunshine, and all year round this holiday favourite is brimming with heat. The summer does see temperatures higher than the colder season, but the winter is also perfect for a summery cruise too. Just be sure to keep an eye out for hurricane season!


The Red Sea

Another popular destination for those looking for some sun during the UK winter is the area around The Red Sea. Countries such as Egypt are perfect places to go to seek a warmer break on board a magnificent vessel.


The Mediterranean Sea

If you’re cruising during the summer you can make the most of some of the most popular destinations in Europe including the likes of Italy and the French Riviera. These destinations are popular because of the beautiful weather and endless cultural experiences, so don’t miss out.


Aegean Sea

Two more popular holiday spots are Greece and Turkey, and they make for excellent cruising destinations too. The weather is glorious during the summer months, meaning you get to experience some true sunshine filled bliss.



Another exciting destination to cruise to for some amazing sunshine is the iconic state of Hawaii. A tropical seeker’s dream, Hawaii has the weather and beaches to dazzle even the most seasoned summer-sun cruiser. If you think you’d like a slice of paradise in the heat, then Hawaii could be for you.


However, not everyone on a cruise is seeking sunshine and warmth during their break. In fact, there are a range of cruises that make the most of cooler weather throughout the year. Whether you want to cruise in the UK summer or winter, there are always places where you can go to make the most out of the colder climates.