Cabin Categories

Cruise ship cabins are generally split into four categories. These are as follows:

  • Inside - This is the standard, smallest-sized room and doesn’t contain a window with an outside view.
  • Outside - An outside cabin can sometimes be referred to as an ‘oceanview room’. Outside cabins are usually similar in size to an inside cabin or a little bit larger and they have a window looking out to sea. On most ships there are outside cabins with an ‘obstructed view’, this means there is a window but it may be partially covered by exterior structures e.g. Life Boats. Obstructed View cabins can sometimes cost less than those for which the view is unobstructed.
  • Balcony - These cabins have a balcony that allows you to step outside of your cabin without having to go up to the public decking area. Balcony cabins are an attractive option if you prefer to have a little more privacy when sun bathing or simply if you want to enjoy a coffee outdoors before heading for breakfast in the morning.
  • Suite - This is a larger cabin, often with a separate living and sleeping area. These are generally more luxurious and have a wide variety of extra amenities and services.