Luxury destinations

When choosing a cruise, you need to know that the destination choices you’re going for are exactly what you want from your break.

There’s no point in going for a cruise in Europe in autumn if you’re after the summer sun you’ll find in Mexico in August. So with this in mind, we’re going to cover an array of different types of destinations, all of which are brimming with luxury.


There are few cities in the world more glamorous than New York, which is why we’ve chosen this as the luxury city destination to discuss in this piece. A cruise and stay package, or perhaps just a day visit to this city can really breathe a new vibrancy into your holiday that you may simply not be able to capture at other ports.


If it’s sun soaked ports filled with amazing beaches and luxurious relaxation, then Hawaii may be one of the vital destinations that you simply must visit on your cruising break. It really does live up to the photographs, and we’re sure anyone will be excited to take the time to relax in this amazing destination.

Don’t forget your swimsuit, and consider a cruise and stay if you’d like to spend a little more time in this luxurious heaven on your travels.


If you're after a little history on your cruise and endless bouts of culture, then Venice could be the perfect luxurious destination for you. Taking a loved one on a tranquil gondola cruise, or perhaps catching a tasty, bespoke meal in the city centre, will leave you dreaming of this Italian escape for years to come.