Shopping in port

One of the main things to keep an eye on when it comes to a cruise is the ship’s newsletter which is delivered to your stateroom daily. This will offer lots of information regarding the best port shops to go to depending on what you’re seeking such as jewellery or perfume. It will also advise you about sales that are happening that day in the onboard shops.

If you are buying souvenirs such as magnets and postcards or inexpensive gifts, you can find them in many shops around port and the price will rarely differ much. However, for more expensive items, it’s worth looking into this in a bit more detail. There could be a specific shop in port that may have exactly what you need and offer the best price, so definitely plan ahead.

It’s a good idea to talk to crew members about where the good places to shop are because they’re likely to have already explored them. The ship employees will also be able to advise which port may have the best prices depending on what you’re looking for. Prices can vary from port to port and by asking their advice you could avoid missing out on the best bargains!