What are the benefits?

Fly and cruise holidays give you a wider choice of cruise itineraries. Instead of sailing from a UK on a transoceanic voyage, spending a few days at sea with less port visits, you’ll be able to fly to cruise ports all over the world to begin your cruise from there and as a result will usually have more port visits in your itinerary.

The second benefit of a fly and cruise holiday is that it can sometimes means you get more time in the port city where your cruise journey begins or ends. Here at Cruise Nation we have Smart Packages which often include complimentary free hotel stays pre or post cruise. This means you don’t have to rush from airport to cruise ship and vice versa if your arrival and departure times happen to be close together. You’ll have more time to relax and enjoy your holiday for a little longer. See all our Smart Packages and you'll understand the amazing value and choice they represent!