Easyjet pre seating

Choosing a seat

You can choose where you’d like to sit for a small fee on all EasyJet operated flights. Seats can be chosen once you have confirmed your booking through Cruise Nation either online or via our call centre. Full details will be provided with your confirmation within 24 hours of booking.

There are three different seating options available on EasyJet operated flights.

Standard seats – You choose where you want to sit, window, middle or aisle, this service is Free for EasyJet Plus cardholders

Up Front seats – A seat in rows 2-6 (rows 2-5 on some aircraft), plus an additional small under seat bag (laptop or handbag), dedicated bag drop and Speedy Boarding, this service is free for EasyJet Plus cardholders

Extra Legroom seats – Located in row 1 or at the over wing exits, seats are standard size but benefit from extra legroom, this also includes all the benefits of up front seats, again this service is Free for EasyJet Plus cardholders