Cruise fitness

Cruises are synonymous with luxury, relaxation and having a good time - but that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your fitness when you’re on board. Exercise is a lot more accessible than you may realise when you first book your holiday, in fact cruise ships are brimming with ways to keep active.


Most ships have a gym or fitness centre onboard which are equipped with treadmills, rowing machines, weights and yoga mats. If you like to use the gym regularly, you may want to research which ship you cruise with to ensure there is a gym onboard and if it has the equipment you’d prefer.


Your ship will likely have one or more pools onboard, so why not take a dip and do a few lengths? Swimming is great exercise and it doesn’t have to feel like a chore because you’re on holiday and the sun is shining!


Some cruise ships will have sports courts onboard where you can play competitive sports like tennis, badminton, basketball or football. This presents a chance for you to get your friends or family members involved which makes working out more fun and less of a chore.


Most cruise ships designate an area on deck as a running and walking track. If you like to go for early morning runs then you’ll be in your element on the ship as you watch the sun rise with 360-degree views all around.


Not everyone wants high intense cardio and weights, and in actual fact going on a few excursions on your cruise can be a great way to get access to some low intensity exercise. Walking around sites and towns can be the perfect fitness routine whilst soaking up some of the local culture. Exercise doesn’t have to be a chore, and it’s all about being creative in the way which you get your body moving!


Some cruise ships offer fitness and dance classes onboard, meaning you can exercise with other members of your group or other fitness enthusiasts on the cruise. Exercise seems like less of a chore if you’re in a big group and it’s a great way to make some new friends onboard.