How to eat healthy during a cruise break

With food being all-inclusive on your cruise, it can make it somewhat of a challenge to practice healthy eating. Whilst it’s nice to indulge some of your foodie desires (you do deserve a treat, you are on holiday after all!), it’s also important to ensure you aren’t straying too far from your usual diet. Going to the buffet can be tempting with its endless choice and supply, however if you find it hard to restrict your portion size you could dine at one of the restaurants where you order your meal and your portion size is set for you. Alternatively if you do head to the buffet, you could create your own salad and even pick up some healthy nibbles to keep by your side throughout the day, keeping your hunger at bay and helping you to avoid the ice cream served near the pool.

Dining in the formal restaurants in the evening will normally encompass a three course meal. However if you’d prefer not to have a starter or a dessert you can just let your waiter know and you can easily skip the course.

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